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      Dongguan Clevertrend Electronics Co., Ltd. was established on November 1, 2003 in Changan Town, Dongguan. It specializes in SMT chip, DIP plug and finished assembly. It has a plant area of 12,000 square meters and more than 700 employees; it is one of the fastest growing companies in the area. 



         The company is accredited with ISO9001 and other international quality system certifications; this helps to further establish quality assurance and management system use throughout the company. 

           Clevertrend continues to improve throughout the years in order to comply with the EU requirements and demands of the customers. Lead-free production and RoHS compliances are now fully implemented during the production process(, such that customers are provided with high-quality lead-free products).


        Clevertrend specializes in SMT processing, DIP plug-in, after welding, testing, product assembly etc. Some of processing products manufactured by Clevertrend are as follow:


           PCBA semi-finished series: computer motherboards, graphics cards, network cards, floppy motherboard, optical drive servo board, CD board, DVD / VCD decoders, digital photo frame, LCD TV board, amplifier board, control board, power board, air conditioning, board, FPC, set-top box decoder board single plate, double plate and plywood.

           Finished assembly Series: STB, MP3, game consoles, car stereos, telephones, remote controls, DVD, VCD, vacuum cleaners, digital scan code gun, digital photo frames.

           Clevertrend adheres to the "people-oriented, professional integrity, customer satisfaction and the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy. The founder of Clevertrend believes that details determine the success or failure, based on prevention and continuous improvements. 

           Clevertrend has excelled in many different aspects and have grown tremendously in the last few years. Its high-quality products, excellent customer service and on-time delivery are well recognized in the Guangdong area.

         Our Main Customer:

         Alpha Networks

         Prime Electronic and Satellite Inc.

         Shougang Concord Technology Holdings Limited

         LEIYON Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


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