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    1, AOI testing, professional, high-efficiency, high standards and high quality, the detection rate of 100 points / sec, accuracy rate of more than 99%;

    2, the annular tower four-color light source, can be switched according to the type of test;

    3, flexible response crest, printed tin, the blast furnace, the furnace, the keyboard detection;

    4, modular hardware and software innovation interface, nanny operational processes;

    5, high-definition digital camera 3CCD full-mining, integrated vision system;

    6, automatic frame, CAD data import automatically search the library;

    7, the real ability to detect small 0201, corresponding to 01 005 upgrade program;

    8, SPC and AOI seamless connectivity, real-time control process information, to protect the quality;

    9, remote control center with MSDE server management mode.


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